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How complete, accurate and equitable is the assessment roll?

How stable and reliable is your tax base?

Do taxpayers understand their assessments?

Is there public confidence in the property assessment system?

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At HCA, we are passionate about sustainability, land use, and community well-being.

Special purpose, thinly traded, and large industrial properties pose challenging problems in valuation and assessment / taxation.

Problems or Solutions: Exemptions, circuit-breakers, incentives, and payments-in-lieu of tax (PILTs) require expertise and knowledge.

How are taxpayers and tax authorities informed and engaged in determining assessments?

HCA - excellence in property assessment consulting services from policy development to best practice implementation;

property consulting services from investment analysis and risk assessment to business case decisions and portfolio strategy

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CRE - HCA's professionals know the valuation and assessment administration / taxation issues. We help you find solutions that work, and build relationships that last.

We help you ensure that your real estate adds value & supports your corporate strategy.