Bruce Turner


Since its inception in 2002, HCA has worked with diverse clients to deliver professional management and property assessment consulting services for strategic, workable solutions.

Bob is a professional appraiser & property consultant with over 40 years experience.

His diverse consulting assignments include:

  • Developing a frame for a valuation, assessment & taxation program for the City of St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Developing assessment / valuation guides for the Province of Alberta, Canada
  • Providing valuation opinions on high-value complex properties to Canada's federal Ministry of Public Works & Government Services
  • Providing real estate advisory and consulting services

Bob's career with BC Assessment included roles as:

  • Regional Manager
  • Valuation specialist and expert witness for high profile investment properties
  • Staff development and training in assessment / valuation
  •  Best practices lead - benchmarking initiatives across North America

Comox Bay & Queneesh Glacier

Vancouver Island


Robert (Bob) Metcalf

Associate - Senior Consultant

  • Property Assessment professionals

  • ​Tax policy & Management consultants

  • Portfolio Strategists

Heuristic Consulting Associates

HCA founder Bruce Turner and our team of professional associates believe that success is built on service excellence & positive client relationships to provide workable solutions for well-defined problems. 

Bruce's consulting assignments range from leading senior officials in the Kingdom of Cambodia to develop a policy frame for a land valuation system, to assisting Canadian valuation and data management organizations in policy development, strategic planning, risk management, real estate services and developing accountability frames for results.

Bruce's career with BC Assessment covered a cross-section of executive management and technical roles - including responsibilities for assessment & valuation policy & legislative services, and corporate services (IT, HR, Finance).

Bruce works with the University of British Columbia to develop course materials for the Bachelor of Business in Real Estate program.

In 2001, Bruce completed his MBA, when he was recipient of the Chancellor's Award from Royal Roads University.

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